Feiyutech α2000 Dual Handle 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer Kit

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The Feiyutech a2000 dual handle camera gimbal is a 3-axis stabilizer which allows you to create stunningly smooth footage whilst moving around with your camera. The a2000 model supports camera set-ups that weigh up to 2kg (4.4lbs) in weight making it ideal for a wide range of DSLR cameras and camcorders. 

The dual handle version comes supplied with the standard single handle as well as the innovative foldable dual handles which means you can easily change set-ups depending upon the shoot. The dual handles allow the user to shift the holding positions between standing holding, inverted holding, frontal holding, reversed holding, high position holding and low position holding easily as and when they like.

The Feiyutech a2000 is lightweight and easy to use. It has been vastly redesigned and improved compared to previous models with the high performance internal chips ensuring the gimble works perfectly. The torque of the motor is stronger and the new optimised algorithm saves power whilst the motor can automatically adapt itself to work with cameras of different weights.

Feiyutech have also incorporated a quick release camera plate and the the user friendly sliding arm means you can quickly get the camera mounted and in position ready to shoot. Above the handle is an integrated four way joystick controller which can adjust the axis angle in all directions. With the adoption of slip ring motors for panning, tilting and rolling the a2000 provides full 360° movement without limitation.  

The single handle on the a2000 can be easily dismantled which then allows it to be attached to the dual handle system so you can quickly switch between set-ups. The a series gimbals come with 2 Li-ion batteries with a longer battery endurance which provide a working time of up to 12 hours in ideal situations.

It is also possible to do timelapse photography with the a2000 utilising the auto-rotation function and automatic shutter function. In the bottom of the handle is a standard 1/4" mount which allows you to attach it to additional items such as tripods and it is supplied with its own mini tripod too. The dual handle system also incorporates nine 1/4" threaded holes allowing additional accessories, such as microphones or lights, to be attached to the rig or you could attach the system to a tripod.  

In The Box

Dual handheld version 
a2000 gimbal
18650 Battery*4
Thumb Screws   
Camera holder screw
Mini tripod         
USB cable*2  
1/4 inch screw
Cold shoe adapter   
Single handheld tube   
Multi charger*2
Quick assemble plate   
Camera holder 
Sony shutter release cable
Manual, Warranty card