FeiyuTech SPG Live 3 Axis Smartphone Gimbal Stabilizer

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The FeiyuTech SPG Live 3 axis handheld smartphone gimbal allows you to capture smooth footage with you own phone and you can easily switch between horizontal and vertical screen modes. The SPG Live is Bluetooth enabled which enables you to connect it to your phone and you can then use the button on its handle to control the camera. 

The iconic FeiyuTech joystick handle once again exerts a comfortable touch and precision control over your filming movements and the SPG Live is compatible with both Apple and Android phones. The phone holder is adjustable to accommodate the different sizes of phone and with the precise gravity centre adjustment the stabilization is remarkably enhanced.

With an ergonomically designed soft silicon handle the unit is comfortable to hold, easy to operate and offers precision control. It is possible to alter mode selection, power on/off and bluetooth remote control through just two buttons on the operation panel. Internally the SPG Live uses a high quality lithium battery to make extensive shooting possible and the maximum run time can reach up to 8 hours.

The 3 axis control allows you to create full 360 degrees movement through the limitless pan axis with multiple fast switching modes due to the tailored driver set. The SPG Live can be operated in Panning Mode, Panning and Tilting Mode or Lock Mode.