Hague CSTP Camslide Tripod Plate

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The Hague Tripod Plate enables the Camslide to be fastened more securely to the video head of the tripod as it gives the track a much larger seating area on the tripods camera plate.  

It has mounting holes for both 1/4" and 3/8" camera screws which are supplied with most pro-tripods, and it has a hole for the camera plate's locating pin. Using both screws also prevents the track from twisting.

The Tripod Plate is recessed to lock it onto the track and is held by a single screw. The plate can be used in any of the holes in the track and is compatible with some of the other sliders on the market. 

Suitable for Hague CSLID Camslide, plus the Glidetrack SD and Igus Rail WS-10-40 rails. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England