Hague K6 Carbon Fibre Camera Crane Travel Jib

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The Hague K6 is a compact and lightweight camera jib which creates smooth crane shots and is made from carbon fibre. It is quick and easy to set-up and is suitable for camera set-ups that weigh up to 2kg.

Designed to be lightweight and compact for travelling with the Hague K6 is supplied in a padded transit bag which measures just 780cm and weighs just 2.6kg. This makes the crane extremely portable but it will still go from ground level to over 2m in height when assembled.

The beautifully constructed carbon fibre sections simply extent out at the front of the jib with only the back bar needing to be attached which makes it extremely quick for setting up. The jib itself then mounts directly to the video head of your tripod with a mounting hole for both the standard 1/4" and 3/8” tripod screws.

The camera attaches to the jib via the quick release camera plate which ensures it is easy to go from jib to handheld with ease. At the other end the crane is counterbalanced by using standard bar weights (optional extras) or by using the supplied sand/weight bag.

The Hague K6 Carbon Fibre Camera Crane offers smooth, wide ranging movement yet is compact and lightweight for travelling.

Product Specifications:

Material – Carbon Fibre

Colour – Black

Sections – 3

Weight – 2.6kg

Tube Diameters – 32mm, 28mm, 24mm

Max Payload – 2kg

Vertical Crane Movement – 2.04m

Price includes the Hague K6 Carbon Fibre Camera Jib, sand/weight bag and padded transit bag. Price does not include the tripod, camera, weights or any other accessories shown.

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