Hague K7WP Camfly Go Camera Action Jib With Pole

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The Hague K7WP Camfly Go Action Camera Crane With Telescopic Pole is a compact camera jib kit which enables you to create smooth jib shots with lightweight action cameras such as the GoPro.

The jib can be used handheld or it can be mounted to a tripod with the additional tripod plate. It is ideal for action cameras, as well as lightweight camcorders and compact cameras weighing less than 400g.

The kit includes all the parts needed to create professional looking jib shots and it is quick, simple and easy to set up. The Telescopic Camfly Pole extends to 2.3m to provide a great range of movement allowing the user to get a great range of angles and shots.

To use the Camfly Go you simply attach the camera plate with pulley wheel at one end of the pole and then mount the tilt handle with pulley wheel towards the other end. There is a control cable supplied which then connects round the two pulley wheels and you are set up and ready to go. The camera is attached via a standard ¼” camera screw to the camera plate and the tilt handle is then used to tilt the camera up and down.

When used handheld you would hold the telescopic pole with one hand, to control and counterbalance the jib, and would then use your other hand to control the tilt facility. The jib's tilt control enables you to smoothly tilt the camera allowing you to have the camera pointing directly up, down, or anywhere through 360 degrees which can create some very unusual shots. You can then use the cameras screen to monitor your shot.

Moving with the Camfly Go allows you to create tracking type shots which can give the camera a floating effect. You can pan the jib arm from side to side or go from a low shot to a high shot which makes it easy to see over people or fences. As a result the camera will reach places normally unattainable allowing you to go through windows, under or over tables and over water. You will be amazed at the variety of shots that can be achieved with a little bit of practice.

The Camfly Go Action Jib Kit With Pole includes:

• Camera plate with pulley wheel and mounting clamp which will fasten to poles between 12 to 30mm in diameter.

• Tilt handle with pulley wheel and mounting clamp which will fasten to poles between 20 to 35mm in diameter.

• Control cable with tension spring and cable connectors. 

• Camfly Telescopic Pole. 

Supports up to 400g.

Maximum length of telescopic pole - 2.3m

Minimum length of telescopic pole - 1.25m

Price includes:- K7 Camfly Go With Telescopic Pole. Price does not include the camera or any of the other accessories shown.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England