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Hague MTD Mini Camera Table Dolly

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Getting smooth camera tracking shots is easy with the Hague Camera Supports Mini Table Dolly Tracking System. It is designed to support cameras up to 3kg and can be set to track in a straight line or at an angle. Small cameras can be mounted directly to the dolly but most of the time a ball head is used so the camera can be positioned to the desired angle.


The Hague Mini Table Dolly enables you to create tracking shots on a table or any smooth surface. The wheels are adjustable, so the dolly will either track in a straight line or the wheels can be set to track around an object. The 56mm diameter wheels have radial ball bearings with rubber tyres which make the dolly easy and quiet to move.

A small camera could be mounted directly onto the dolly, but if a ball head or a pan & tilt head is attached to the dolly it makes it much easier to get the camera into the required position and larger cameras can then be mounted.

The dolly is supplied with a 1/4" screw to attach the camera and a 1/4" to 3/8" stepping collar for ball heads and pan & tilt heads with a 3/8" thread.

Supports up to 3kg.

Approx size:- 25 x 25cm.

Wheel diameter:- 56mm.

Weight:- 0.75kg.

Price includes the MTD Mini Table Dolly, the price does not include the ball head, camera and any other accessories shown.

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