Hague PCF Pro Camframe Camera Cage

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The Hague Pro Camframe Camera Cage works in a similar way to the Manfrotto Fig Rig. It has been designed for larger cameras and extra stability is achieved as the steady cam frame is held by both hands, this reduces camera shake and creates a smoother movement.

The camera mounts onto the base of the camera grip frame, slightly to the right to enable the flip-out screen to be used to monitor your shots. Also on the base of the camera support frame is a mounting point for a tripod, as well as a mounting point for a monopod. An optional camera quick-release adaptor can be fastened to the base of the frame, making it easy to quickly change from Camframe to tripod. To the right and left are handgrips to hold the Pro Camframe. It is the combination of your left and right hand, 44cm apart, plus your arms in front of you that give the camera a stabilizing effect.

Just above the right and left handgrips is space for a clamp-on camcorder remote control (sold separately) which is ideal if you are using a Sony, Canon or Panasonic camcorder. At the top of the frame there is another handgrip for carrying the Pro Camframe or it can be used when taking low shots. Either side of this handgrip are accessory shoes onto which you can add an external light or microphone. 

Weight 0.75kg.

Size assembled W46 x H34 x 4cm.

Transit Size 46 x 8 x 6cm.

Colour Black

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England

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  • 5

    Posted by Dave Smart on 8th Dec 2017

    Yet another well designed and fabricated product from Haugue. I use this with my Canon 1DX Mark II and Panasonic HC-X1 video camera, using the cage to get my mics well away from the camera lens and video fans - having two sturdy cold shoes is really useful so I can also rig additional lights whether they be continuous leds or off camera speedlights. I also have a manfrotto plate mounted under the cage so I can easily go from handheld to tripod. Best of all, in some respects for me personally, is the fact that the cage can easily be stripped down to four separate pieces, making the cage easy to store and transport in my camera bag. Yes, a v ery useful piece of kit for sure !

  • 4
    Very useful piece of kit

    Posted by Stevie Lee on 20th Oct 2015

    I bought the PCF PRO CAMFRAME CAMERA CAGE in July '15 and have been very impressed with the build quality and versatility it's offered me in my work . There have been times when I've had to do interview shots at events like trade shows, festivals and the like and needed to be very mobile. Having a small Panasonic TM900 HD camcorder and a very suspect strength cold shoe mount isn't enough to support a shotgun mic, LED ring light and an AtomOS Ninja 2, so this cage has been ideal in coping with those situations. The frame is exceptionally sturdy and light, and is a real no brainer to assemble/disassemble and takes up virtually no space when dismantled and packed away. I have found that using a cage can produce some very smooth track and pan shots, albeit no replacement for a steadycam, it does reduce the amount of camera shake from a handheld shot. The really cool thing I like is that you can shoot and track along at worm eye level really quickly and easily with this thing because of the hand grip at the top of the cage. Sweet. The only problem with the unit that I've had is with the location of the camera mounting hole. The cage has quick release plate holes for attaching (you guessed it) a quick release plate and to the right of them there is a screw for attaching the camera. Unfortunately for me this screw is located too close to to the release plate holes. I have a Velbon PH-368 tripod head and when the quick release plate is attached to the cage and mounted to the head, the release lever cannot be fully opened to release the plate from the head because the cage's camera mount screw gets in the way. It's something to be aware of, but for me this one problem doesn't negate the usefulness of the cage. I'm still trying to figure out a work around on this but it's still a great product nonetheless.