Hague USB Pan & Tilt Power Head Controller

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Ideal for Remote Photography 
Suitable for Hague Power Heads PH, MPH & UPH

The Hague USB Pan & Tilt Powerhead Controller allows the pan and tilt power head to be controlled from the USB port of a computer. This is particularly useful if you are using a camera with a USB connection. In conjunction with a USB extender (not supplied) you can control a camera with a USB connection and the Pan & Tilt Power Head up to 50m away from your computer. 

The photo shows the camera and the USB PanTilt Controller connected to a four port USB extender hub (not supplied). 
The blue cable is ordinary Cat 5 ethernet cable (not supplied) and goes to the other half of the USB extender which can be up to 50m away. The USB extender is plugged into a single USB port on the computer.

The controller allows you to pan or tilt the power head in either direction, or if the corner controls are activated the head will pan and tilt at the same time. There is also a speed control that switches the head from slow to fast (see the specifications below for max and min speed).
Cable length from USB plug to power head plug 500mm

Includes software (Windows only).
The price shown is for the controller and software only, no other cables or items in the picture are supplied.