Hama Camera Spirit Level With Two Bubbles


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Ideal for Photo or Video cameras, the Spirit Level attaches to the shoe of the camera. If your camera doesn't have a built-in level then the Hama camera spirit level is an accessory that your camera bag shouldn't live without.

Taking breathtaking pictures of the sun setting over the sea can be a dream for any professional or amateur photographer, but capturing a level horizon can be extremely difficult with no helping aids. The small LCD screen on most cameras does little to show you whether or not you have managed to capture a level photo, leaving you guessing until you get home and transfer your photos to the computer. Eliminate the guessing with the Hama camera spirit level, its small and light weight structure makes it capable of fitting nicely in any camera bag without taking up precious space for your other camera gadgets.

You can quickly and easily pop the camera spirit level on and off the hot-shoe as and when you want to use it. The camera spirit level houses two bubble levels enabling you to take shots from a landscape perspective or slanting your camera to the side to allow for portrait shots as well, nearly all perspectives can be shot with the spirit level. Make sure that your photos are always professionally level with the camera spirit level from Hama.

* High-accuracy spirit level with a transparent housing. 
* Inserted into the camera´s hot shoe (standard flash shoe). 
* 2 bubble levels and 2 feet (to position the camera for upright and broadside shots). 
Size 33 x 19 x 23 mm.