Hoodman Hoodlupe 3"

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For Glare Free LCD screen viewing

Checking your histogram, focus and composition outdoors is easy with Hoodman's HoodLoupe.

HoodLoupe is worn around your neck just like a normal loupe. When you wish to review your shot, simply place the Hoodloupe™ on the image on your LCD and place your eye up to the rubber eye cup for comfortable glare free viewing.

Hoodloupe™ has a +/-3 diopter compensation and focusses just like a binocular eyepiece - the eyepiece turns left or right to adjust for your eyesight.

Each Hoodloupe ™ has protective rubber in key areas for both comfort and protection from general wear and tear. The Hoodloupe has a diameter of 3" so will fit completely over most 3" D-SLR and camcorder screens.

What you should know about LOUPE MAGNIFICATION

The HoodLoupe 3.0 is engineered to give you a true 1 to 1 LCD screen image. It is built using German glass optics from Schott allowing a plus or minus 3 diopter adjustment.

Some competitors who do not understand LCD screen viewing will offer you a single lens magnifying solution as well. You will find as we did, that magnification just makes the pixels of an LCD screen bigger resulting in image distortion.

Making the call on focus is very difficult when your image is over pixilated through optical magnification. The HoodLoupe 3.0 uses 3 German glass lenses in its optical solution and is guaranteed to give you the best optical solution for viewing your LCD screen in the field. A comfortable lanyard and padded leather belt case are included.