Syrp Genie One Motion Control


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The original Syrp Genie set the benchmark for motion control, now the Syrp Genie One takes it the next step. Re-imagined with all Syrp's latest technology, including the ability for wireless control using the new Syrp app, Genie One features all of the much-loved aspects of the initial flagship offering including its solid build and form factor, battery performance and reliability. 

Genie One has been ‘recharged’, now including all the latest Syrp technology in motor control and wireless functionality available at a fraction of the cost.  Capable of Panning or Linear motion, Genie One is compatible with Genie Mini 2 or Genie Mini for up to 3-axis control via the Syrp app. Use Genie One as your ultimate b-roll machine setting up quick motion control shots to add production value to your video content or take it with you on your next time-lapse adventure.

Software is updated with new features via the Syrp App periodically.

Please note: An additional Shutter Link Cable is required for triggering the camera in some required modes including time-lapse and Panorama.


Weight - 2 kg

Interface - 2.5mm Shutter Control Port, Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy, Wifi 2.4GHz, USB-C Port

Compatibility - Genie Mini II, Genie Mini (first edition), Genie II Pan Tilt, Slingshot, Any Camera Slider

Dimensions - 10.2 x 10.2 x 11.6 cm

Max Speed Panning - 60 °/s

Max Speed Linear - 40 mm/s

Minimum Resolution Panning - 0.084 °

Minimum Resolution Linear - 0.084 mm

Tripod Mounting - Female 3/8"-16 thread

Camera Mounting Screw - 3/8"-16 Male

Payload Tracking - 15 kg

Payload Vertical - 1.5 kg

Payload Vertical Counter Weighted - 15 kg

Payload Panning - 15 kg

Battery Life Time-Lapse - 48 hrs

Battery Life Video - 5 hrs

Powered By (Batteries) - Li-Ion Rechargeable

Charging Mode - USB-C 5V DC, 1-3Amp

Material - Aluminium