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Hague 8m Highshot Camera Mast Kit 2

Hague Camera Supports

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The Hague HM2 Highshot Camera Mast 8m (26ft) provides the user with a fully wireless set-up with a motorised powerhead and your camera controlled via a tablet or phone. This kit is ideal for people who own a compatible camera and wish to have a completely wireless set-up for the powerhead and camera control.

The Hague Highshot Camera Mast 8m (26ft) combines a lightweight, yet extremely ridged, carbon fibre pole with a solid supporting base to give the user a high-quality camera mast for video or photography purposes.

The HM2 Highshot Camera Mast kit comprises of the Hague 8m Highshot Camera Mast, the Hague 360° Powerhead, the Camranger Mini Wireless Camera Controller and the PT Hub wireless powerhead unit. 

Extending up to 8m (26ft) in height this high performance system provides a great aerial view and is easy to use. The 5 section carbon fibre pole is extremely rigid making it a great solution for video use and the sturdy base unit incorporates 3 adjustable height feet so you can easily level off the mast.  

Both the carbon fibre pole and the base unit are supplied in individual bags making it easy for transportation and storage.

Supported Canon DSLR Cameras

SL1 / 100D | Xsi / 450D | T1i / 500D | T2i / 550D | T3i / 600D | T4i / 650D | T5i / 700D | T6i/T6s / 750D/760D | T7i / 800D | 40D | 50D | 60D | 70D | 77D | 80D | 7D | 7D II | 6D | 6D II | 5D II | 5D III | 5D IV | 5DS / 5DSr | 1D III | 1Ds III | 1D IV | 1Dx | 1Dx II | 1Dc | EOS R

Supported Nikon DSLR Cameras

Older Nikons disable LCD image review during operation

D5000 | D5100 | D5200 | D5300 | D5500 | D5600 | D7000 | D7100 | D7200 | D7500 | D300 | D300s | D500 | D600 | D610 | D700 | D750 | D800 / D800E | D810 | D850 | D3 | D3s | D3x | D4 | D4s | D5 | Df | Z6 | Z7

At the top of the mast there is a standard 1/4” screw attachment to which you attach the Hague Powerhead and then the supplied tilt plate allows you to achieve a greater tilt angle.  Once the camera is attached you can then connect up the PT Hub and the Camranger Mini device which will generate a WiFi signal to connect to your tablet or phone.

Once everything is connected you can then control the direction of the powerhead and the functionalities of the camera via your tablet/phone/laptop from the base of the mast. For full details of the camera functionalities that can be controlled via the Camranger application please see the full Camranger Mini specifications link below.

Operating from a higher view point drastically changes the picture you can capture and these masts can be utilised outdoors or indoors depending upon the application they are needed for. 



Max Height – 8m (26ft)

Minimum Height – 1.85m (6ft)

Sections – 5

Pole Material – Carbon Fibre

Base Material – Lightweight Aluminium

Total Weight – 9.5kg


Horizontal Pan - 360 Degrees

Approximate Maximum Speed - Vertical Tilt - 2.4 Degrees per second.

Approximate Minimum Speed - Vertical Tilt - 1.2 Degrees per second.

Approximate Maximum Speed - Horizontal Pan - 8 Degrees per second.

Approximate Minimum Speed - Horizontal Pan - 4 Degrees per second.

Maximum Camera Weight - 2.7kg. (6lbs)

Camranger Mini Specifications – Click Here

PT Hub Specifications – Click Here

This HM2 kit includes the Hague 8m Highshot Camera Mast supplied in padded transit bags, the Hague 360° Powerhead, the Hague Tilt Plate, the Camranger Mini Wireless Camera Controller and the PT Hub.

Please note additional items, such as the iPad and camera, are not included and are only shown for illustrative purposes. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England