Hague CS7 DSLR Camgrip Camera Steadymount

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The Hague DSLR Camgrip steady cam is an ideal way of holding the camera stable when filming. The side handgrip makes it easy to hold the camera in one hand while your other hand is free for focusing, whether you are using the eyepiece or the screen on the camera. The top reversible handgrip is great for low shots and with the handgrip pointing forward, helps balance the camera when a heavy lens is used.

The camera attaches to the camera support mount by a standard camera screw, in the base of this camera screw is a standard ¼" threaded hole, along with a second threaded hole in the mount, either of these mounting points can be used to fasten the DSLR Camgrip to your tripod's quick release plate, making it quick and easy to go from tripod mounted to handheld. On top of the DSLR Camgrip are two accessory shoes where you can mount additional accessories such as a light or a microphone.

It is made of lightweight aluminium powder coated black.

SIZE - L16 x H23 x W18cm WEIGHT - 375g.

Price includes the CS7 Camgrip Steadymount, the price does not include the camera or any other accessories shown. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England