Hague CSM Camera Shoulder Mount Rig Ex Demo

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This is an ex-display model from our showroom. It is in full working condition but may show some signs of use including slight marks and/or scratches.
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This is a brand new unit but has been on display in our showroom so there are a few minor marks on the unit where it has been assembled. 

The Hague CSM Camera Shoulder Mount Rig is made of aluminium which can be bent to enable a snug fit onto the shoulder. It's design allows plenty of room for the right hand to be used on the cameras controls or to focus the camera. A handgrip below the camera allows the left or right hand to support and take the weight of the camera.

The camera fastens to a large camera plate, which is fully adjustable in all directions for the different sized cameras and enables the operator to set the camera in the required position. For viewing you can either use the viewfinder or the flip-out screen. 

Suitable for all types of handheld cameras up to 4kg.

Approx size: - L 50cm. x W 10cm. x H 32cm.

Weight: - 650g.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England