Hague TSS Camera Twin Shoulder Support Rig - Ex Demo Model

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Hague Twin Shoulder Support Ex Display Model. This was a brand new unit but has been used for demonstration purposes in our showroom so there are a few minor marks on it. The shoulder rig operates as it would when supplied as new and is still supplied with a 12 month manufacturers warranty.

The Hague TSS Twin Shoulder Support Rig is an alternative support to a tripod when steady shots are required. It may not always be convenient to use a tripod, as there may not be enough time to set one up or you may be constantly moving to a new position. This is when the Twin Shoulder Support is essential. It's ideal for weddings, interviews, corporate work, etc. 

Suitable for professional handheld camcorders and DSLR cameras. Larger video cameras and DSLR cameras are very good, giving excellent results, but because of their size and weight are extremely difficult to hold steady for long periods of time. The Twin Shoulder Support alleviates this problem.

The twin shoulder support rests on both shoulders with the handgrips far enough forward to distribute the weight of the camera back onto the shoulders. It is the fact that it rests on both shoulders that totally eliminates any horizontal movement giving the camera maximum stability.

The support is held in position by the two handles in front of the camera, these have room to attach an optional lanc controller or other type of control for Panasonic or Sony EX1, giving the operator full control of the camera.

The support uses the popular Manfrotto 501PL quick release camera plate, common with their most popular tripods (701HDV/501/503/519). The quick release adaptor is fully adjustable from side to side and tilts up and down, enabling the operator to get the camera into the required position for either using the viewfinder or flip out screen.

The twin shoulder support bars are joined across the back, attaching the mount to the operator, which means when you are not filming the mount hangs round your shoulders and you can safely let go of the camera, thus giving you hours of fatigue free filming.

Additional holes in the mount enables extra accessories to be attached.

Made of lightweight black anodized aluminium.

Suitable for all types of handheld Cameras up to 3kg.

Approx size: - L60cm. x W30cm. x H26cm.

Weight: - 1.1kg.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England