Hama 4103 Alpenpod Monopod/Walking Stick

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Monopod and Walking Stick in One 

When out and about exploring the great outdoors the last thing you want is to have to bear the burden of a heavy, bulky tripod on your back. However, without a decent tripod to support your camera the quality of your photos and videos can suffer, becoming shaky and blurred with a loss in sharpness and detail. Furthermore, self-portraits of you in front of that amazing view are also out of the question unless there happens to be a conveniently positioned rock or other flat surface nearby at the time. 

The Hama Alpenpod provides a simple, practical solution, allowing you to unburden yourself from unnecessary weight whilst also producing professional, high-quality photos and videos. Functioning not only as a sturdy camera platform but also designed to double up as a walking stick, the versatile monopod has an integrated compass to help you navigate your way to that perfect photo as well as a wrist strap for secure, convenient transportation. 

With its anti-shock cushioning, easy-grip handle (suitable for both right and left handed), included snow disc and built-in spike at the base, the durable Alpenpod is ready to tackle any terrain. Use the spike to hold it steady in soft earth or wedge the slim leg between rocks for a firm hold. Not only intended just for use when walking, it is also great for use at concerts and other events where it may be difficult to achieve enough height to capture the desired picture without others getting in the way. With the 2 x extendable monopod leg, the Alpenpod extends to a maximum height of 141cm so you can hold it high over the heads of the crowd to get superb, clear shots that will be the envy of all who are there. Back in the open, this also gives you the advantage of achieving shots from a variety of heights (67-141cm) in order to gain perfect perspective and ensure that you can capture the scene exactly the way you want it with every important detail included. You’ll never again want to leave home without it.

Technical Details

Thread/Connection: 1/4" (6.4 mm)
Leg Segments: 3 Sections (2x Extendible)
Material: Aluminium
Maximum Height: 141 cm
Maximum Profile Thickness: 18 mm
Minimum Height: 67 cm
Tube Diameter: 18 mm
Weight: 360 g
Colour: Black