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Hama 4370 Traveller Flex Pro Bendable Pod

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Hama 4370 Traveller Flex Pro Bendable Pod. A bendable mini tripod with a ball levelling head, ideal for lightweight photo and video cameras. For some pictures and videos the optimum angle can seem impossible to achieve, requiring the camera to be mounted in strange places or in an unusual, unnatural way. However, standard pictures can sometimes seem dull and uninspiring, looking the same as every other that has been taken before it, and in desperate need of a new, original perspective.

Look no further than the Hama Traveller Flex Pro Bendable Octopus Tripod. If there is one thing that this product does, it is live up to its name, with ultra flexible legs capable of bending up to 360º. Just like an octopus they can wrap around and grip onto anything including railings, bike handlebars and trees etc. to get you thinking outside of the photographic box. Use it to mount and adjust the camera at wild new angles with the aid of the ball tripod head for new exciting perspectives, and see everyday events and objects in the brand new light as well as using it as a 'normal' table top tripod on any flat surface for a more 'down-to earth' approach.

The highly adaptable legs also make the tripod ultra stable on uneven ground and it is, therefore, perfect for use in the great outdoors on uneven surfaces such as rocks or hillsides as the feet can reach to different levels and angles, so that the camera is fully supported for high-quality still images or shake-free video. In addition, the compact size (max height of 30cm) and light weight (170g) of the tripod means that is both easy and convenient to transport around on the go, fitting into a bag or luggage with minimal hassle.

*Colour: Black. 
* Max. Height: 45cm. 
* Min. Height: 2,4cm. 
* Weight: 170g.