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Hama Magnum LED Digi Camera Light

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Better light conditions for better films

In accordance with this principle, we recommend you to use special camcorder lights to optimize a lot of shots (better ambient light and more precise registration of subjects). Camcorder lights are directly attached to a camera or via the flash shoe (with larger distance).

Capturing your memories on film is great, watching them with family and friends can be even better, not however, if the lighting is poor and you have to strain your eyes to work out who is who. With the “Magnum DigiLight” LED lamp from Hama this problem can be eliminated. The lamp can be easily mounted to your camcorder via the accessory shoe, ¼” tripod socket or attached to an angle bracket.

Adding an LED lamp to your camcorder when filming allows you to have a better supply of ambient light; the extra lamp enables light to cover a greater distance making your films clearer and easier to view. With an added LED lamp you can constantly control the amount of luminosity in your filming allowing you to capture your desired effect. The Mini Video Light adapts to your camcorder to bring you constant brightness for all your shots. It comes with a colour temperature of 5,500 Kelvin and has a 2-hour battery life with 2 AAA batteries giving you plenty of time for well-lit filming.

Technical Details

Colour Temperature: Daylight
Operating Time: 2 h
Depth: 4,5 cm
Height: 6,5 cm
Weight: 45 g
Width: 4 cm
Battery Type: Micro AAA
Number of Batteries: 2
Light Colour: Daylight (approx. 6000K)