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EZ-TIE is ideal for sound, lighting and audio/video equipment cable.

EZ-Tie is made by Swiss-made looms and strict quality control to assure consistent quality with superior performance. The 'Hook' is made from A grade nylon and has high peel and shear values with extended cycle life with average 55 hooks per square inch.The Un-Napped loop brings a very high cycle life also with average 42 woofs per sq inch.

5 pcs per pack, colour black


  • EZ-TIE has been extensively tested under +93 degrees C and -56.7 degree C and lasted 1000hrs matting without failing.
  • The working recommended temperatures from 80degree C to -20 degree C.
  • Extremely hiigh Cycle Life with over 10,000 closures
  • Washable and UV resistant to prevent discolouration