Kupo Mini Articulated Arm - Single Section


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KCP-172 Mini Articulated Arm-Single Section

Constructed by two Hybrid Heads and an aluminum tube ( dia.13 mm, 1.1 mm thickness and 28.5 cm length) with matt black anodised. Each Mini Grip Head equipped the baby pin with multi-milling flats that can fit into baby socket fast and hold object stable.  The 3/8” and  1/4” threaded are tapped separately in each baby pin which allows to fit into variety of lighting and camera accessories. 

Length:  28.5 cm ( 11.2 inch) 

Weight:  280 g  ( 0.62 lbs)

58a.jpgThis item is part of our 5/8” (16mm) range. All items with the 5/8” logo displayed have either a male stud or a female socket that is 5/8” (16mm) and this makes them compatible with other items within this range. Please note that male studs are only compatible with female sockets and vice versa.