Kupo Umbrella Swivel Bracket

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The Kupo Umbrella Swivel Bracket consists of two baby 5/8" (16mm receivers) on either end joined by a tilting pivot and a ratcheted metal handle to lock it securely in place and a hole with a set-screw to lock an umbrella shaft in place.


Length 6.38 in (16.19 cm)
Width 4.75 in (12.06 cm)
Height 2.62 in (6.67 cm)
Weight 0.9 lbs (0.41 kg)

58a.jpgThis item is part of our 5/8” (16mm) range. All items with the 5/8” logo displayed have either a male stud or a female socket that is 5/8” (16mm) and this makes them compatible with other items within this range. Please note that male studs are only compatible with female sockets and vice versa.