LS Edge 200RS 7-Inch Round Soft Bi-Colour LED Light


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LS Edge 200RS 7-Inch Round Soft Bi-Colour LED Light

The LS C-200RS is more portable than ever, faster and easier to set up, and offers a complete lighting solution right out of the box. It features a mix of 5600K and 3200K ultra bright LED's and the colour temperature can be adjusted in increments of 100K by a rotary dial on the rear of the panel.

Instead of forward-facing LEDs like in a conventional panel, the lights' LEDs are mounted around the outer edge and aimed inward at layers of diffusion material. Instead of a direct beam, the lights' bounced light approach produces a soft, even glow with no hotspots. It's perfect for filling in shadows, or using as a glamour light. All of this within an elegant form factor - less than 1/2" at its thinnest point.

The LED light runs on either AC power or a NP-F style rechargeable battery, both of which are included in the kit. The light is fully dimmable, with no change in colour temperature, from 10-100%. A back-lit LCD indicator shows both light level and battery life status.

The internally bounced light is easier on the eyes - your subject can look directly toward the light with no discomfort. Hide a LED light in a lamp to mimic an on-set practical light, or take advantage of the compact size to light up cramped spaces; like a car interior or an office cubicle. This light is also perfect for tabletop food or product photography. Enjoy the look of a big soft light without melting your subject.

The compact LED light can mount practically anywhere with the included ball-head to mount to a lighting stand or to the camera's accessory shoe. The built in 1/4-20" mounting points let you attach the light directly to a tabletop tripod, or lighting clamp. These lights are so lightweight you can mount them with velcro, cord, even tape! Finally, you can get more creative with light placement than ever before.

Edge lights are ready to shoot with, right out of the case. The light produces bounced light rather than a full spotlight, so you don't have to work hard to create soft, beautiful light. It's almost like having a softbox built right in. Great for fasts setups, as for interview situations. In a few minutes you can be ready to roll with beautiful soft lighting, requiring just minimal setup. An entire light kit can fit easily in a messenger bag or camera bag.

The edge lights produce little heat (the edges where the LEDs are housed may get a little warm after after running consistently at 100%), and have a very low current draw. You can easily run several Edge Lights on a conventional household electrical circuit. Leave them running all day without fear of cooking your subject, or breaking the bank on your electrical bill.

Each LED includes a rechargeable Sony NP-F style lithium-ion battery, charging station, and an AC adapter - all in a fitted hard-shell case with a handle. Each light is made of durable lightweight metal.

Key Features

  • Adjustable colour temperature in increments of 100K
  • Backlight LCD screen showing strength, colour temp and battery life
  • Soft, even output
  • Supplied with own battery and charger
  • Comes in pre moulded case
  • TLCI rating 90+

Product Specification

Model Number C-200RS
CRI ≥ 93
Voltage DC7.4-14.8V
Colour temperature 5600±300K - 3200K±200K
Illuminance 1050Lux/0.5m 286Lux/m
Battery life time Charge and Discharge for approx. 500 times
Dimension Φ 178 × 46 mm
Features LCD display screen, 7" round shape
Continuous working time Approx 2 hrs