Rotolight RL48-IK-V2 Interview Kit

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Rotolight Interview Kit is the world's most portable, professional, dual light source, colour calibrated LED location HD lighting kit. Its natural , warm, widely dispersed and shadowless ringlight beam makes it perfect for HD Cinematography, Videography, ENG or HD-DSLR photography for use on location or in a studio environment. Because Rotolight is a continuous light source it provides DSLR photographers with a perfect alternative to Flash delivering that much sought after 'fashion ringlight' effect, without red eye reflection.

The Kit features the Rotolight RL48-B 'Enhanced Edition' which is 25% brighter than the previous model and includes many other upgrades . Each Rotolight contains a filter holder, and 6 piece Lee Filters Lighting Gel set for studio accurate calibrated colour at 6300K, 5600K, 4300K and 3200K plus dimming over a range of 1.5 aperture stops and diffusion. 

Also included is the 'Add-On Colour FX Filter Kit' which features 10 of the most popular Lee Lighting colour filter gels, and comprises eight Colour FX filters for sidelight, backlight, kicker or toplight and two cosmetic filters for skin tone enhancement.

The Rotolight Stand allows mounting on tripods, lighting stands, rail support systems or to an accessory shoe for use with Camcorders or HD-DSLR cameras.

The whole kit fits into the supplied Accessory Belt Pouch, weighing less than a V-Lock camcorder battery. The pouch can also hold an iPhone, keys, and six spare AA batteries (Phone/Keys/Batteries not included)

Reviews :-

J G Harding, Sound on Sound Magazine 

"The Rotolight Interview Kit is versatile, easy to use and very solidly built, and stands as the most complete package in the competitive LED lighting market. For most general purpose, close up Video work it comes highly recommended... Something that deserves special mention is the build and finish quality of all aspects of the Rotolight, especially when compared to other units of equal or greater expense."

Contents :-
2 x Rotolight RL48-B Ringlight
2 x Rotolight Stand
1 x Colour FX Filter Kit
1 x Rotolight Belt Pouch
(Batteries not included)