All you need to know about 5/8" (16mm)

All you need to know about 5/8" (16mm)

Posted by Jake on 20th Mar 2017

5/8" what is it, and how do I use it? 

On our website you may see this logo 58a.jpg this is our very own 5/8" logo, this has been designed to easily display 5/8" compatible mounting products. 

It is important to note, 5/8" bares no relation to how you attach your camera to a piece of equipment. 

In most cases your camera is likely to attach via the standard 1/4" universal threaded camera screw, the same screw size you would attach your camera to a tripod with. 3/8" is also a mounting size often used in the base of Video Heads, Ball Heads, and in some larger professional camcorders.

5/8" is used with most professional audio and lighting equipment i.e. lighting stands, microphones etc. However, it is also applicable to mounting and grip equipment, particularly Wall Mounts, Clamps and Suction Mounts. 

Compatible 5/8" items can be interchanged with each other to build up your own 'custom kit solution' to resolve specific mounting requirements for almost any situation you need. For example, to achieve a Wall Mounted iPad solution, you could use a Hague WB2 Wall Bracket with a Hague iPad Mount:



The advantage of 5/8" is that you are utilising a single spigot and socket size across a varied range of products, from Clamps, Suction Mounts, Wall Brackets, Articulating Arms, Ball Heads, Bowl Mounts, the list goes on. 

5/8" allows you to build together a varied collection of items that are all interchangeable and connectable with the use of Connecting Rods, Studs and Spigots to mount your camera in those hard to reach situations. 

More examples of combining items include the Hague CMK Car Mounting Kit:

In this kit you get a Hague SM1 Suction Mount which has a 5/8" socket, the DB Double Ball Tilt Head (which has a stud) as well as a SC Super Clamp (socket) and ES Extension Spindle (stud). All of these items are 5/8", so you can interchange these easily and quickly. The Suction Mount is useful for areas on the car such as the Bonnet, Windscreen or Door Panel, whilst the Clamp is useful for Sports Car Roll Bars. 

An ideal example of a situation where 5/8" really becomes useful, especially this kit, is whilst filming you can leave the Clamp attached to the Roll Bar, and the Suction Mount attached to the exterior or interior of the Car. So whenever you want to, you can remove the the DB Double Ball Tilt Head, with camera attached, from the Suction Mount and attach it into the socket on the Clamp, or vice versa. No need to remove the Camera from the Camera Plate and you don't need to remove the Clamp or Suction Mount. 

Now things get really interesting, say for example you already own a Hague CMK and you would also like to occasionally mount your iPad to a wall like previously discussed (pictured above), all you would need to do is purchase a 5/8" compatible iPad Mount and a WB Wall Bracket, because you already own the DB Double Ball Tilt Head. Basically, the more 5/8" compatible products you have the easier you will find solutions to those hard to mount places, often without needing to purchase additional equipment. 

A good example of this, and the versatility of 5/8", is the MMS1 Hague Multi-Mount Kit, capable of endless mounting opportunities:

See more of the Hague Multi-Mount Kit here

I hope that this has shed some light on the endless capabilities of our 5/8" range, but of course if you have any questions our dedicated sales team are always on hand via email or phone to answer any queries. To take a look at how 5/8" could be useful for your production, take a look at our dedicated 5/8" category here