Slide further with the New Hague Camslide Reach Camera Slider

Slide further with the New Hague Camslide Reach Camera Slider

Posted by Hague Camera Supports on 15th Apr 2016

Increase your slide with the Hague Camslide Reach camera slider. The Camslide Reach has been designed to give you almost double the slide when used on a tripod. With its compact design and additional travel the Camslide Reach 375 is the perfect solution for people looking to get more from their equipment.

The Camslide Reach is available in two compact sizes, 370mm and 500mm, and both systems offer the ability to nearly double the range of movement when tripod mounted. This unique feature separates this type of slider from traditional systems and really allows you to get more from your slider.

The Hague Camslide Reach can be used on the floor or a table but when mounted to a tripod the camera travel is almost doubled as the slider moves along with the carriage to provide that extra reach.

Supporting up to 8kg the Camslide Reach is ideal for a variety of camera set-ups and we would recommend using it with a ball head or video head so you can easily angle the camera to the desired position. With this in mind the slider has a 1/4" thread coming out of the carriage and a 3/8” conversion brush included.

Supplied in its own transit bag the Hague Camslide Reach is the perfect travel companion being small and compact, yet with the ability to transform your shots with its additional reach.

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