Hague CTSS Camslide Traveller Camera Shoulder Support

Hague Camera Supports

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Suitable for both DSLRs and Camcorders.

The Hague CTSS Camslide Traveller Shoulder Support and hand grip enables you to use the Hague Camslide Traveller camera slider as a shoulder support, as well as a slider.

It is difficult to hold a DSLR steady when used for video because of the shape of the camera, using it on a shoulder support improves stability as it rests on the shoulder and is held by the twin handles at the front. The carriage can be moved forward or back for positioning the camera and the carriage lock will hold it in the required position.

The shoulder support has soft foam for comfort and the front handle bar has two handgrips. Both parts are made of aluminium which are held by thumb nuts and require no tools for mounting. 

The CTSS is compatible with The Hague Camslide Traveller plus the Igus Rail WS 10-40 and Glidetrack SD.

Price includes the shoulder support and handgrip section. The Hague HCST Camslide Traveller rail with carriage is not included.