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Hague DMC DSLR Motion Cam Stabilizer

Hague Camera Supports

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The DSLR stabilizer from Hague Camera Supports is an ideal steadicam for DSLR cameras that weight between 1kg - 2kg in weight. Designed specifically to have a wide range of adjustment this steadycam is ideal for cameras that can be difficult to balance on other glidecams due to the distribution of weight. The Hague DSLR steadicam has an adjustment plate which allows you to get the camera centrally balanced both side to side and front to back. This makes it much easier to set-up than many steadicams and once balanced you can create some beautiful stabilized footage. 


The Hague DSLR Motion Cam is a handheld camera stabilizing system that has been specifically designed for DSLR cameras such as the Canon 5D and similar. These stills cameras have become extremely popular as alternatives to camcorders due to the high quality HD Movie Mode, but unfortunately they are difficult to hold, especially when you require moving camera shots. With the DSLR Motion Cam you can create super smooth "Steadicam type" shots.

The new Hague DMC DSLR Motion Cam Stabilizer has been designed to cope with different lenses being used, and the fact that on these camera's the tripod mounting hole is never in the centre of balance, which can make them difficult to balance on some stabilizers. On the new DSLR Motion Cam we have increased the range of movement forward & back ,plus extra sideways movement for balance correction.

The crucial part of any stabilizer is the gimble, as it is essential that the handle is totally free moving. The Hague DSLR Motion Cam's gimble has a highly polished ball with a nylon socket, plus a radial ball bearing handle ensuring super free movement. This makes it far superior and more effective than any other "ball type" stabilizer on the market.

The stabilizer is supplied with a selection of counterbalance weights to support cameras up to 2kg. Once balanced, forward & back fine trim is achieved by manually moving the camera plate forward or back, and sideways fine trim achieved by hinging the weights on the counterbalance plate from side to side.

Suitable for DSLR cameras and handheld camcorders between 1kg - 2kg.
Approx size: - Length 20cm. Width 10cm. Height 30cm. Weight: - 0.75kg. plus counterbalance weights. Colour Black.

NOT SUITABLE FOR CAMERAS WEIGHING LESS THAN 1kg. If your camera weighs less than 1kg our MMC Mini Motion Cam would be more suitable.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England

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  • 5
    Hague DMC DSLR Motion Cam Stabilizer

    Posted by Joanna on 11th Feb 2017

    On first trial this seems to work very well for the Canon 7D,

  • 5
    Good for a 7D

    Posted by Lauren on 14th Oct 2014

    I have been using this with my Canon 7D for a few weeks now and am very pleased. It certainly takes a bit of practice initially but once I got the hang of it I really started getting some good footage. As they say, practice makes perfect!!!