Hague DSS Dual Shoulder Supports With Rod Clamp

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The Hague Dual Shoulder Supports rest on both shoulders to give the camera much more stability than rigs that just rest on one shoulder. When all the rigs weight is in front of the shoulders it is much more effective to have it rested across the two shoulders and this helps with both stability and weight distribution.

However if the operator prefers the rig to rest on one shoulder the shoulder supports can be adjusted for single shoulder operation. The clamp on the shoulder supports secures it to the two rods and allows it to be used with the Hague DSR Dual Shoulder Support or other systems that are using the standard 15mm x 60mm pitch rod system.

Price includes the Dual Shoulder Supports with clamp, price does not include any other accessories shown.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England