Hague E640 Camslide Easyglide 640mm Camera Slider Ex Demo

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This is an ex-display model from our showroom. It is in full working condition but may show some signs of use including slight marks and/or scratches.
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The Hague Camslide Easyglide 640 is quick and simple to set up, it can be mounted to any sturdy tripod or placed on a table, or on the floor for low shots. The camera can be fastened directly to the carriage, or an optional Video or Ball Levelling Head can be used between the camera and carriage, this enables the camera angle to be adjusted.

This is an ex-display model from our showroom. It is in full working condition but may show some signs of use including slight marks and/or scratches. 

KEY FEATURES - Extra wide track and carriage for extra stability. - Carriage with internal bearings for superior alignment and smoother movement, plus mounting holes for accessories. Supports up to 8kg.


The Camslide Easyglide 640 has a 640mm track. Should you require a longer length we sell the Camslide Easygide 1000 or the optional Rail Connector enables the track to be joined together. The track is 80mm wide with both 1/4" and 3/8" mounting holes in the centre. 

Two Rail Supports are also supplied, one for each end of the track, which support the Camslide track when it is used on a table or the floor and also prevents the carriage from coming off the end of the track. Optional Rail Supports with 4 self aligning adjustable feet are also available.


The Carriage is 105mm wide and 100mm long, it is this extra width that gives the carriage much more stability and smoother movement than other sliders on the market. The 4 low friction bearings on this carriage are not "bolted on", they are incorporated within the carriage, this prevents any miss alignment or any accidental knocks that can easily send external bearings out of alignment making the carriage stiff to move. We have also decided not to incorporate Hybrid Roller Bearings into the carriage as they are prone to picking up dirt and grit off the track, preventing smooth movement if the track it is not kept clean.

The carriage has a 1/4" screw in the centre to mount the camera to the carriage, also supplied is a stepping collar to convert the camera screw to 3/8" should you wish to mount a head that has a 3/8" threaded mounting hole. There is also a second hole for a head to be attached using a 3/8" screw. At each corner of the carriage are 4 threaded holes, 3 x 6mm and 1 x 1/4", these can be used to mount an articulated arm for a monitor or any other accessory. Also on this top plate is a mounting hole for the Hague Power Slider's drive cable. On the side of the carriage is a thumb screw to lock the carriage in a fixed position or it can also be used to add drag to the movement.

Once the camera is mounted onto the carriage you can create super smooth tracking shots as you slide the carriage down the track. Suitable for all camcorders and cameras, supports up to 8kg when used on the ground, table or across two tripods. The double rail track is made from hard anodized aluminium and the carriage has low wear, low friction bearings that do not require lubrication. It is resistant to dirt and dust.

Track:- Length 640mm. Width 80mm. End Supports:- Width 205 x 38mm. Carriage:- Length 100mm. Width 105mm. 

Camslide Easyglide 640 Kit includes:- 640mm Track, 2 End Supports, Carriage with lock and Camera Screw.