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Hama 5014 Ball Levelling Head


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The Hama Ball and Socket Head 50mm is a super little ball and socket head that adds versatility to any photographer’s outfit. Designed to fit onto a tripod or stand without an adjustable head, this device allows the photographer to adjust the camera for correct alignment and perfect composition for that once in a lifetime shot.

Adjustment is simply by loosening the locking knob on the side of the base, adjusting the camera or flash gun position and then re-tightening. It can be fitted to amateur and professional tripods and stands alike with its 6.4mm/1/4” threaded camera platform.

At only 50mm high, 30mm wide and weighing in at only 114g, this little ball and socket head is capable of holding most of the lighter weight DSLRs with short – medium range zoom lenses, but not with accessory motor drives attached. It can also be used to mount flashguns in studio situations on tripods or stands to allow correct position of the light path as well as in close-up photography to allow fine adjustment of camera or flash guns.

Technical Details

Thread/Connection: 1/4" (6.4 mm)
Motor Drive: No
Diameter: 30 mm
Height: 50 mm
Weight: 114 g