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Hague K10 Camcrane With Stand & Power Head

Hague Camera Supports

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Designed to be a complete camera jib set-up with tripod stand and motorized powerhead the Hague K10 is an attractive option if you want a fully functional system at a low price bracket. The crane consists of three sections which makes it quick to build yet compact for transit. It will support video cameras and DSLR cameras up to 2.5kg and is a very good option if you want a complete system. 


The Hague CamCrane K10 is quick and simple to set up, it is supplied with its own stand and a remote controlled pan & tilt Power Head. The stand's height is adjustable from 1.1 to 1.4 metres high. Standard bar weights (not supplied) are used for counterbalance, these are held in place by the weight bar and there is an adjustable fine trim weight to obtain perfect balance. Once balanced the camera can smoothly move from ground level to almost 4 metres high and the crane will pan 360 degrees on the stand. You can also pan and tilt the camera on the end of the crane by using the wired remote control.

The distance from the stand to the camera is 2.5 metres and it has a total length of 3.6 metres. It is ideal for all handheld cameras under 2.5kg. An optional monitor bracket is available, this enables a LCD monitor to be fastened to the crane, making it easier to monitor your shots.

Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head 

The electronic motorized Pan & Tilt Power Head is fastened to the end of the CamCrane camera platform by a 1/4" screw.
The unit is battery operated with a wired remote control for both pan & tilt, it also has a variable speed control. It will pan 340 degrees and tilt up or down 15 degrees. The K10 is supplied with a tilt correction plate which will allow the camera to tilt down 30 degrees from a level position, which is useful when the crane is being used for high shots. The pan speed is variable between 4 to 8 degrees per second and the tilt is variable between 1.2 to 2.4 degrees per second (speeds are approximate). The Power Head is powered by 4 AA batteries. Size 145x115x103mm (5.75x4.5x4 inches)

Price includes;- CamCrane, Fine Trim Weight, Weight Bar, Remote Pan & Tilt Power Head, Power Head Remote with extension cable.

Supports up to 2.7kg.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England