Hague MMCP Mini Motion Cam Balance Correction Plate

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Unfortunately not all camcorder manufacturers put the tripod mounting hole at the centre of balance on the camera, which means the camcorder could be front or back heavy, or the mounting hole could be offset to the side on the camcorder. Larger batteries or a wide angle lens will also affect balance and, although the Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam has been designed to have plenty of adjustment to allow for this, on some camcorders it may be necessary to use the MMCP Balance Correction Plate. If you find the camcorder will not move far enough either back or forward, or the adjustable weight plate is fully to one side and you are still not getting the stabilizer balanced correctly, you will need the correction plate. 
The correction plate simply screws onto the base of the camcorder, there are several mounting holes in the plate to mount it to the Hague MMC Mini Motion Cam to correct the balance.