Hague PC Pole Clamp With 5/8” Socket

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The Hague Pole Clamp has a 5/8" (16mm) socket with locking screw and can be mounted to any tube or pipe with a diameter of 48 to 51mm. It’s ideal for scaffolding poles, lighting rigs and camera masts.

The clamps socket is a standard 5/8" (16mm) which allows various other products to be mounted to it. The Hague Pole Clamp can be used with products such as the Hague Ball Levelling Head (BL), Manfrotto Double Ball Tilt Head (DB), Manfrotto Magic Arm (MA), Hague Extension Spindle (ES), Manfrotto Magic Arm With Quick Release (MARC), Manfrotto Double Ball Tilt Head With Quick Release (DBRC) or the Hague R125, R250, R500 and R1000 Connecting Rods. 

Only suitable for tubes, poles and pipes that have a diameter of 48 to 51mm.

Please note the Hague BL Ball Levelling Head shown in two pictures is for illustration purposes and is not included with the Hague PC Pole Clamp. 

Designed by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England

58.jpg This item is part of our 5/8” (16mm) range. All items with the 5/8” logo displayed have either a male stud or a female socket that is 5/8” (16mm) and this makes them compatible with other items within this range. Please note that male studs are only compatible with female sockets and vice versa.