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Hague Phone Desk Stand

Hague Camera Supports

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The Hague Phone Desk Stand table mount is an ideal way of mounting your phone for conference calls, keeping in touch with family & friends or for watching your favourite online videos. It is suitable for a wide range of phones, including the Apple iPhone.

With a fully adjustable ball head you can angle the phone to the desired position for zoom calls, FaceTime conversations or when watching online content. You can pop it on the table for a conference call, move it into the kitchen to keep watching your favourite shows whilst cooking dinner, let the kids FaceTime friends and family or even watch a film whilst in the bath!! The Hague Desk Stand's base takes up very little space and allows you to maximise the use of your phone, even being able to charge it whilst using it at the same time. 

The universal phone holder can also be removed and attached to other camera systems via the standard 1/4" thread in its base allowing further possibilities with professional camera gear too. 

The mount has two V shaped sections that hold the phone in a horizontal position. The height is adjustable up to 90mm and accepts most modern smart phones that are rounded on their edges. If the phone has square edges, the width must not exceed 12mm. The Universal Phone Mount is not plastic, it's made of machined aluminium with a thumb screw for adjustment.

Price includes the Hague Phone Desk Stand with ball tilt head. The price does not include the iPhone or anything else which is shown for illustration purposes. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England