Hague PS2 Phone Camera Steadymount

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Hague PS2 Phone Camera Steadymount

The Hague PS2 Phone Camera Steadymount enables a slim Smart Phone, iPhone or iPod to be held with ease. It gives greater stability producing much steadier shots when shooting video. With these smart phones having such good cameras in them, with the facility of being able to record good quality video, it makes sense to be able to hold the phone in a way that prevents camera shake.

Due to the size of these phones they can be quite difficult to hold steady, the Phone Steadymount makes it much easier to hold, as it is held by both hands, creating much more stable shots. On top of the Steadymount are two shoes which enable a light and/or microphone to be added.

The mount has two V shaped sections that hold the phone in a horizontal position. The height is adjustable up to 90mm and accepts most modern smart phones that are rounded on their edges. If the phone has square edges, the width must not exceed 12mm. The bottom V section has a 1/4” threaded hole which enables the Steadymount to be mounted to a tripod. This makes it easy to go from tripod mounted to handheld or the Steadymount can attached to any other mount that uses the standard 1/4" camera screw making it a very useful piece of kit.

The Phone Steadymount is not plastic, it's made of machined aluminium with a thumb screw for adjustment.

Suitable for all Apple iPhones (including the new iPhone 7 plus) and iPods plus most HTC, Samsung, Nokia or similar.

Size:- Height 11cm. Width 29cm. Depth 3cm. Weight:- 140g. Colour:- Black.

Price includes:- PS2 Phone Steadymount. Price does not include the Apple iPhone, Videomic Pro Microphone, ML-240 Light or any of the other accessories shown.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England