Hague SM300 Camera Triple Suction Mount

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The Hague Triple Suction Mount has 3 powerful suction pads which can be attached to any horizontal or vertical, non-porous flat surface. The kit includes 3 adjustable double ball tilt brackets, an adjustable articulated arm and a 75mm bowl mount.

A 75mm compatible video head from your tripod can be used to mount the camera. The bowl mount gives you the facility to "level off" your video head, you can then pan and tilt in the usual way or lock off the head to hold the camera in a fixed position.

When used in a horizontal position the 3 double tilt brackets are used, but when used vertically one of the double ball brackets is replaced by the articulated arm. It is ideal for mounting a camera onto a vehicle or any non-porous surface.

Price includes:- 3 - Suction pads (120mm. diameter, crank lever vacuum), 3 - Double ball brackets, 1 - Articulated arm, 1 - Triangle plate with 75mm. bowl. Price does not include the camera, video head or any other accessories shown.

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