Hague TLC3 Tripod Leg Clamps x3

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The Hague 3 leg clamps help prevent the leg slipping when a Jib/Crane or any other heavy item is mounted to the tripod. The clamps also have a 1/4" threaded mounting hole to attach an articulated arm, on which can be mounted a monitor or other accessory, to the tripod.

The clamp is fastened to the top section of a twin legged tripod and secured just above the tripods leg clamp once the height has been set, this prevents the leg slipping. The bottom section of the tripod is left in its lowest position so that the bottom section cannot move. This then allows the tripod to support more weight without the legs slipping. The tripod must have a mid or floor/ground spreader, or be mounted to a dolly to prevent the legs spreading outwards.

Suitable for Manfrotto Tripod Legs 546 / 545 / 542 / 525 / 520 / 515 / 500. plus other tripods with twin leg top sections that are 90mm apart and are 14-16mm in diameter. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England

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  • 4
    Good Support

    Posted by Mark on 19th May 2016

    Do what they are supposed to do and certainly help when my jib is mounted to the legs

  • 3
    Your Tripod Matters

    Posted by Maqs on 8th Apr 2016

    This works well .but the tightening knob should of been on the other side as it comes in the way of the latch on the Tripod. You may say switch it around but than you lose the use of the thread and can not attach any accessories or magic arm. The design could of been improved a little and maybe cater for different tripods. Cameragrip Response - If the tightening knob is catching Maqs then the plate is being attached upside down, simply turn it round so the thread is still on the outside but so the tightening knobs are higher up which will prevent them from catching. If you look at the pictures you will see there is more plate showing at the bottom than the top.