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Hague Tripod Adaptor

Hague Camera Supports

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The Hague TA Tripod Adaptor was originally developed for cameras such as the Sony A1 and HC1 as they had tapes loaded from the bottom of the camera. Although it can still be used for this it is also now used to raise the camera allowing access to batteries as well.

On the A1 and the HC1 the tape is loaded in the base of the camcorder, making it awkward to change the tape if the camera is used on a tripod. The Tripod Adaptor fits between the camcorder and the camera release plate raising it by 50mm, which leaves enough room for the tape to be replaced without removing the camcorder, or the release plate from the tripod. This enables the operator to quickly change tape whilst the camcorder remains on the tripod.

N.B. For the adaptor to work it only fastens half way across the base of the camcorder, and as the plastic casing of these camcorders is very thin, the camcorder is not as rigid as it would be when mounted directly to a large release plate.

Size:- L50mm x H50mm x W30mm.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England