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Heavy Duty Flex Arm With Superclamp & Camera Plate


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The 237KIT includes a Manfrotto superclamp, a Manfrotto heavy duty flexible arm and a camera plate.
Ideal for lightweight camcorders or an LCD monitor.
Supports up to 800g.

The Superclamp can be attached to any pole, tube, bench or table. Its jaws will attach to a pole between 12 to 55mm in width or table edge between 12 to 30mm. It can be fixed either vertically or horizontally and has a 5/8" (16mm) female socket for the Flexible Arm to attach to.

The Manfrooto flexible arm is 55cm long with a hexagon stud at one end which has a 3/8" threaded hole in it. This hexagon end would fit into the Manfrotto Superclamp but please note this hexagon end is not compatible with circular sockets such as the Hague Wall Bracket. At the other end there is a round 5/8" (16mm) stud which has a standard 1/4" male thread coming out of it.

The Camera Plate has 2 - 5/8" (16mm) sockets with locking screws, and a standard 1/4" camera screw to attach your camera, monitor, etc.