Libec ALX S8 Camera Slider (28")


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The Libec ALX S8 is a slider that allows your camera to have a smooth and wobble-free sliding motion when mounted on a 75mm or flat-base tripod or placed on a tabletop. The sliding range is 28" and the payload is 33 lb when used on a tabletop. The eight ball bearings are positioned on the rail top and at an angle on both sides of the slider platform, hugging the rail to prevent wobbling during operation. The spring-equipped friction knob enables precise weight and tension adjustments, and a brake knob sets the sliding rail in one place. Using the supplied hexagon wrench, you can easily adjust the pushing force that the ball bearing exerts on the rail.

A dual-base tripod mount adapter, featuring a 75mm ball base design with a flat bottom, allows direct compatibility with the ALX T tripod as well as other flat-base tripods (sold separately). A bubble level conveniently sticks out on the side for easy leveling. The ALX S8 has 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threads for attaching articulating arms with lights and other gear, as well as rosette adapters on both sides for attaching accessories. If you will be using the slider on the ground or tabletop, you will be able to adjust the height of the feet on either side if necessary. The feet can be screwed in or out to be adjusted, and are tightened in position by knobs above them. The slider has collapsible tabletop legs for easy setup and storage.

The slider components are modular, allowing you to create multi-style configurations by combining them with other Libec products. The ALX S8 includes a padded carrying case with strap, a tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp for flat-base or 75mm ball tripods, and a maintenance kit for longevity.

  •     Has a 28" slide range with a 33 lb payload when used on a tabletop
  •     Eight high-performance ball bearings on the top and sides allow for smooth, wobble-free motion
  •     Tension / Friction knob, Brake knob, and bubble level
  •     Dual-base tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp for flat-base or 75mm ball tripods
  •     Components are modular and can be used with separately available slider rails of different lengths
  •     Slider rail can be easily detached and replaced using the leg lock knob
  •     Collapsible tabletop legs for easy setup and storage
  •     Height-adjustable feet
  •     Includes padded carrying case with fixing handle and maintenance kit
Weight 1.8kg / 4.0lb *1
Payload 15kg / 33.0lb *2
Head attachment screw 3/8" screw
Screw holes on the rail’s back side 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes
Rail length 800mm / 31.5"
Sliding range 708mm / 28.0"
*1 The weight is excluding tripod mount adapter and bowl clamp.
*2 When not attached to the tripod.