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Move 'N See Pixio Auto Follow Camera Powerhead

Move 'N See

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The PIXIO robot auto follow powerhead by Move 'N See is the world first auto-follow system that can be used to film both indoor and outdoors. The auto track robot tracks the supplied watch, films and zooms in & out automatically. Now you can film more often, independently, without the assistance of a cameraman. Film sports, rehearsals, actors, pastors, conferences, events, whatever you want. 

The unit incorporates the robot (no camera, no tripod), the watch with a silicon wristband, the three micro-beacons with their small tripods, batteries and chargers and the cable for the camera control. The cable included in the pack is a "Multi" model for Sony cameras, please see full list of compatible cameras below.

Easier Than Ever

Wear the watch, put the 3 micro-beacons around the playground, switch-on, and it's done! No calibration time. Just enjoy the video!

Range 330ft (100m)

Video opportunities with unlimited creativity! Enjoy 330ft (100m) no line of sight required, indoor and outdoor.


From fast-paced sports to conferences: high responsiveness, accuracy, softness of movements, auto-zoom.

Use your own camera

Any standard camera can be used for both indoors and outdoors. With one of the compatible cameras you add the auto-zoom and the remote record control and more with your smartphone.

Edit with any software

Your camera delivers standard files formats you can use in any video editing software from Apple, Windows, Sony, etc.

Live Streaming

Recent cameras have a live stream option working with your smartphone. If yours does not, just connect the HDMI or AV output to the box of any live streaming service provider.

List of compatible cameras

For automatic zoom in & out + REC control from the watch and the smartphone app.

The camera is connected to PIXIO with a cable. The one provided with PIXIO is a "Multi" model for recent SONY cameras.

SONY HDR CX130, HDR CX160, HDR CX180, HDR CX220 and PJ220, HDR CX230 and PJ230, HDR CX240 and PJ240, HDR CX250, HDR CX260 and PJ260, HDR CX270 and PJ270, HDR CX280, HDR CX290, HDR CX300, HDR CX305, HDR CX320 and PJ320, HDR CX330 and PJ330, HDR PJ340, HDR CX350 and PJ350, HDR CX370, HDR CX380 and PJ380, HDR CX390 and PJ390, HDR CX400, HDR CX405, HDR CX410 and PJ410, HDR PJ420, HDR CX430 and PJ430, HDR CX440 and PJ440, HDR CX450, HDR CX455, HDR CX485, HDR XR500, HDR CX500, HDR CX505, HDR CX510 and PJ510, HDR CX530 and PJ530, HDR CX540 and PJ540, HDR XR550 and CX550, HDR CX560, HDR CX570, HDR CX580, HDR PJ600, HDR CX610 and PJ610, HDR PJ620, HDR CX625, HDR PJ670, HDR CX675 and PJ675, HDR CX700, HDR PJ710, HDR PJ720, HDR CX730, HDR CX740 and PJ740, HDR CX760 and PJ760, HDR PJ780, HDR PJ790, HDR PJ810, HDR PJ820, HDR CX900, FDR AX100, FDR AX33, FDR-AXP55, PXW-X70, HXR-NX30, HXR-NX70.