Shoulderpod R2 Pocket Rig

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The Shoulderpod R2 is a multifunctional and compact rig for adding external accessories to your smartphone camera. A modular solution for taking your photo and video studio wherever you go.

Mount your smartphone

Clamp your device securely using the adjustable grip

The R2 kit includes our G1 grip.  An adjustable clamp for holding almost any smartphone model with or without a case. The G1 expands from 48 to 93 mm and tights your device securely thanks to its thumbscrew mechanism and wide rubber pads.

Set up your modular rig

Add your favorite accessory to your smartphone camera

Add one accessory like a microphone, light, action camera or extra battery to your mobile device. Use the included plate, knobs, cold shoe, handle and wrist strap for building your own setup in just a few seconds and hold it comfortably and securely for obtaining super-stable results.

Switch to tripod mode

Reconfigure your rig easily whenever you need a tripod

All parts include a standard 1/4"-20 thread, so you can mount your final setup on any tripod, slider or gimbal at anytime. No tools required. 

Improve your videos

Start creating content with professional audio and perfect lighting

Improve your visual storytelling by adding professional accessories to your smartphone camera and start sharing videos with perfect light and crisp clear audio.

Inside the box

G1 · Grip  +  H1 · Handle  +  P2 · Plate  +  2 x K1 Knob  +  Z1 · Cold Shoe  +  W1 · Wrist strap