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Swit S-8D62 Battery For Panasonic CGA Series


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Swit S-8D62 battery for Panasonic CGA series.
*DC output 7.2V. 47.5Wh capacity. 
*Panasonic CGA series battery compatible. 
*4-level LED power indicator. 
*Build-in DC output socket.

The Swit S-8D62 is a 7.2V, 47.5Wh Li-ion DV battery compatible with Panasonic CGA series D54S/D28S batteries. It has a 7.2V pole DC output socket for SWIT LED light S-2010, allows to power camera and light simultaneously. S-8D62 also has a 4-level LED indicator to give you a view of remaining power before mounting to camera. The build-in intelligent circuit has multiple protections of abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

Voltage 7.2V. Capacity 47.5Wh. Max output power 15W. Max output current 2A. Over current protection 6A. Compatible battery Panasonic CGA series D54S/D28S. Applicable camera. Panasonic DVX-100, HVX200/201. 

Net weight Approx 0.3kg. Dimensions 66×37×82mm.