Edelkrone Camera Slider V2 SliderPlus Medium

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Edelkrone SliderPLUS V2 Medium (2 ft)

The first slider that you can actually fit in your life!
You want the slider as short as possible when you have to carry it around. And you want the longest possible slider when it comes to shooting with it. SliderPLUS is the first and only design that enables both of these desires in one single product.

How does the magic work?
The unique design uses the rails twice. So you get double the amount of camera travel compared to other sliders that have the same body size. SliderPLUS is patented and is the only slider that has this feature in the world.

Leaving your slider behind? No more!
Sliders add a great deal to your production quality. But you normally leave it behind unless you are really going to make a comprehensive production. Because sliders take up so much space! They wont fit any bags most of the time. And the short sliders usually are useless since they wont give enough camera travel. So you end up having a slider and leaving it behind most of the time.

If you are a SliderPLUS owner, you will always want to have it with you. Feel free to move around with it!
Sliders dont like moving around! Especially if they are set up on tripods. They tend to tumble and fall over. SliderPLUS solves this problem for good. With super easy locking button, it locks rock solid and with its super compact size it helps you move around freely. After you are done shooting you don’t even have to remove it from your tripod! How amazing is that!?

It has a hidden Dolly inside! This is another really crushing advantage of SliderPLUS!
With regular sliders, since the slider itself will get in the shot eventually, you only get so little dolly in/out shots. With sliderPLUS the rails are also retracting backwards with the camera so you get at least twice the amount of dolly in/out shots compared to regular sliders! This can be a real life saving advantage and gives the SliderPLUS a complete new potential. It is like having a proper dolly kit with you as well as a slider! Just super isn't it?!

Smaller so it is Lighter!
With SliderPLUS to get (say) 60cm of camera travel, you only carry 40cm of rails with you! You carry less material, so it is lighter than other sliders! (other sliders which give 60cm camera travel makes you carry 80cm or rails). Make sure you check the tech specs for exact weight details.

Comes in 2 size options!
We have 2 sizes for you. Small gives 40cm and Medium gives 60cm of camera travel. Make sure you check the tech specs for more measurement details.

Ready for additional accessories which are around the corner!
SliderPLUS is compatible to Motorized Motion Control and Motorized Pan Control units (which are sold separately) alongside with many other accessories which are also on the way!

Ready to be attached on your tripod
To take advantage of the sliders full potential it has to be attached on a Tripod. You will be able to attach the sliderPLUS on your tripod without the need for any extra parts.

Can operate on ground too!
Well, operating SliderPLUS on ground (without attaching it on a tripod) sure works too. It has adjustable feet to help you level it on non-perfect surfaces. But remember that you will get a normal sliders camera travel range when you use it like that.

Precise manufacturing with highest grade material!
All the parts of SliderPLUS are machined with CNC technology from the highest grade materials. It is ware resistant, durable. It is going to withstand the harsh production environments that you will put it through.


Dimensions: 436x92x64mm
Weight: 1.7kg (3.7lbs)
Carrying Capacity: 7kg (16lbs)
Mounting Standards: 3/8"
Travel On Ground: 300mm (1 ft.)
Travel on Tripod: 600mm (2 ft.)
Working Mechanism: • Non-Friction Ball Bearing• Tracking System
Materials: • Temperature Treated Aluminum Rods• Steel Ball Bearings• 100% CNC Machined Aluminum Parts
Suggested Tripod Specifications: The distance between the points that the tripods legs contacts the ground should be 90cm or more.

Price includes the Edelkrone V2 SliderPlus Medium camera slider. Price does not include the camera, tripod or any of the other accessories shown.