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Hague 6m Highshot Camera Mast With Stand & 360° Powerhead Kit 2

Hague Camera Supports

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The Hague Highshot Camera Mast is ideal for both photography and filming applications including property photography, sports filming and sports analysis. The HS2 6m (19.68ft) Highshot mast provides an elevated view and comes supplied with a sturdy stand and a 360 degrees pan & tilt powerhead which can support up to 2.5kg (6 lb). The powerhead and the camera are then controlled wirelessly through a tablet or phone.

Hague have been a leading solutions expert in aerial mast photography and filming for many years supplying kits into universities, professional sport teams, estate agencies and sport analysis companies around the world. The new range of Hague Highshot kits are an extension to the current range and offer the flexibility and performance required for professional use.

The portable camera mast is easy to set-up and has a simple to use pump system for elevating each section. The Hague Powerhead 360° attaches to the top of the mast via a standard 1/4" camera screw and is supplied with the Camranger Mini and Camranger PT Hub which allow you to control both a compatible camera & the powerhead wirelessly from a tablet or phone. The Powerhead will pan 360 degrees and can tilt down 30 degrees when used with the supplied tilt correction plate.

The Camranger Mini wireless camera controller allows you to control several camera functions (including live view, image capture, zoom, focus & record video) depending upon the camera used. The Camranger simply connects to a tablet or phone via its own generated WiFi connection and when combined with the PT Hub it allows you to control the pan & tilt of the powerhead too.

Measuring just 1.46m when retracted the 6m Highshot mast will fit into the majority of cars with the back seats down and it can be set-up and operated by a single user.

The Hague Highshot kits have been designed to be flexible and meet the requirements of each individual user depending upon the application and the kit they are using. The HS2 Kit provides the opportunity to reach 6m in height and to control the movement and positioning of the camera through the wireless set-up.

Consideration should then be given to the related products which include options for mounting iPads, tablets & phones plus other accessories like camera rain covers.

Mast Specifications

Maximum Mast Height – 6m (19.68ft)
Mast Retracted Height – 1.46m (4.79ft)
Weight – 12kg

Powerhead Specifications

Horizontal Pan - 360 Degrees
Approximate Maximum Speed - Vertical Tilt - 2.4 Degrees per second.
Approximate Minimum Speed - Vertical Tilt - 1.2 Degrees per second.
Approximate Maximum Speed - Horizontal Pan - 8 Degrees per second.
Approximate Minimum Speed - Horizontal Pan - 4 Degrees per second.
Auto Pan Settings - Not Available
Maximum Camera Weight - 2.7kg. (6lbs)

Camranger & PT Hub Specifications

Please click on this link for the full Camranger Mini details

Please click on this link for the full PT Hub details

Price includes – 6m Telescopic Camera Mast with Stand, Hague 360° Pan & Tilt Powerhead, Tilt Correction Plate, Camranger Mini and PT Hub. The price does not include the camera or any other accessories shown. 

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