Hague AMP1 Highshot Camera Mast 7.3m With 340° Powerhead

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The Hague AMP1 Highshot Camera Mast with 340° powerhead allows you to reach 7.3m (24ft) in height and then control the camera position via the remote controlled powerhead. This mast kit is an ideal solution for aerial mast photography, sports analysis, site surveys and sports filming.

Made from lightweight aluminium this mast is extremely portable, quick to set-up and easy to use. With its own tripod style base, which remains attached at all times and just folds up for transport, the mast provides a rigid base and each section of the mast can be raised easily by hand.

At the top of the mast there is a standard 1/4” screw attachment to which you attach the Hague Powerhead and then the supplied tilt correction plate allows you to achieve a greater tilt angle.  Once the camera is attached you can then use the supplied remote control and extension cable to control the direction/positioning of the camera whilst using a tablet or viewing monitor to see your images.

Operating from a higher view point drastically changes the picture you can capture and these masts can be utilised outdoors or indoors depending upon the application they are needed for. The mast now has three adjustable legs for levelling off, a supplied spirit level and there is an attachment at the top to secure guide ropes if required.

This AMP1 kit includes the Hague AMP Highshot Camera Mast, the Hague 340° Powerhead with remote control and extension cable, and the Hague Tilt Correction Plate.

Product Specifications:

Maximum Mast Height – 7.3m (24ft)

Retracted Mast Height – 170cm (5.6ft)

Weight – 11kg

Mast Material – Lightweight Aluminium

Powerhead Power Source – 4 x AA Batteries

Vertical Tilt Angle - 30 degrees when used with tilt correction plate

Vertical Tilt Max Speed – Approx 2.4 degrees per sec

Vertical Tilt Min Speed – Approx 1.2 degrees per sec

Horizontal Pan Max Speed – Approx 8 degrees per sec

Horizontal Pan Min Speed – Approx 4 degrees per sec

Maximum Payload – 2.5kg

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