Hague CHK Crank Handle Kit For Camera Sliders

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The Hague Slider Crank Handle Kit enables you to upgrade your Hague Camslide, Easyglide, Glidetrack or Igus camera slider to a crank handle version. It is supplied with two new rail supports, one of which has the Crank Handle attached. Both rail supports have adjustable rubber ball, non slip levelling feet which are ideal for "levelling off" the rail on uneven surfaces.

The Crank Handle gives you much better control, creating much smoother camera movement than can be achieved by pushing the carriage by hand. The adjustable handle gives better speed control of the carriage, with the handle in an outer position for smooth slow movement, or the handle can be moved inward for quicker movement. The carriage is moved by a drive cable running from a pulley on the crank handle to a second pulley on the second rail support.

The Hague Camslide Easyglide has a pre-drilled hole in the carriage making it easy to attach the drive cable. All other carriages have drive plates to move the carriage, this means the Crank Handle Kit can be used on any of the listed sliders without the need for drilling any holes.

Kit includes;- Two rail supports with adjustable rubber ball levelling feet, an adjustable crank handle, a drive cable (with drive plates for certain models) and a cable tensioner. The price does not include the rail, carriage or any other accessories shown.

See product codes below for the different rails
Product code CHK10-40 for Hague Camslide CSLID, Igus Rail WS-10-40, Glidetrack SD
Product code CHK10-40H for Glidetrack Hybrid SD
Product code CHK10-80 for Igus Rail WS-10-80
Product code CHK16-60 for Hague Camslide 1660 HCS-1660, Igus Rail WS-16-60, Glidetrack HD
Product code CHK16-60P for Hague Pro Camslide PCS1000.
Product code CHK16-60H for Glidetrack Hybrid HD.
Product code CHK-E for Hague Camslide Easyglide 1000/640.

Price includes:- CHK Crank Handle Kit. Price does not include the rail, carriage or any of the other accessories shown.

Choose required version for your type of slider from the list above.

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