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Hague D9 Camera Table Dolly

Hague Camera Supports

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Professional camera tracking shots can be achieved on any smooth surface with the D9 Camera Dolly by Hague Camera Supports. Designed to track in a straight line, or an arc, the camera dolly has a 75mm bowl for you to mount your video head to the dolly. This allows you to pan and tilt the camera whilst moving the dolly to create stunning tracking shots. It is an ideal set-up for video cameras and DSLR cameras and can support camera rigs up to 20kg.


Awarded the Pro Moviemaker Editors Choice Award. 


The Hague D9 Table Dolly enables you get tracking shots on a table, board or any smooth surface. The high quality 80mm diameter wheels have twin sealed radial ball bearings, which make the table dolly easy and quiet to move. The dolly will track in a straight line or it can be set to track in an arc, to go round an item.

On top of the dolly is a 75mm bowl, this enables you to transfer your “75mm bowl type” video head from your tripod onto the dolly and level it off on the bowl mount. You then have the facility to be able to both pan and tilt whilst tracking the dolly. The large footprint of the dolly prevents tipping or slipping when using the video head. It's ideal for both DSLRs and camcorders.

An articulated arm, for a monitor or other accessory, can be fastened to the dolly using one of the table dollies 1/4” or 3/8” threaded mounting points.

Price includes D9 Table Dolly. The price does not include the video head, camera, monitor or any other accessories shown.

Dolly size:- Length 35cm. Width 30cm. Height 12cm.

Weight:- 1.9kg.

Supports up to 20kg.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England