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Hague Desk Stand Table Mount

Hague Camera Supports

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The Hague Desk Stand is an ideal solution for mounting cameras, tablets or phones for desk top use. If you are working from home and need to mount a camera to the desk this little stand is neat and tidy and allows you to position the camera angle to suit. It can also be used for mounting tablets and phones using any phone/tablet mount which has a standard 1/4" mounting thread. The adjustable ball head allows you to change the viewing angle with ease to ensure you are in shot or the content you are watching is at the desired angle. 

If you are using it with a tablet/phone mount the Hague Desk Stand is ideal for conference calls, keeping in touch with friends and family or for watching online content. Set it up in your study or on the dining room table for zoom calls, take it through to the kitchen to watch you favourite programs whilst cooking dinner and then entertain the kids with their favourite cartoons. 

The Hague Desk stand is ideal for small, lightweight cameras or tablets and phones when used with a tablet/phone mount (not included). 

Price includes the Hague Desk Stand with ball tilt head. The price does not include the camera, iPad, Tablet Mount, iPhone, Phone Mount or anything else which is shown for illustration purposes. 

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England