Hague HDMC HD Motion Cam Stabilizer

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The HDMC Camera Steadicam Stabilizer from Hague Camera Supports is ideal for video and DSLR cameras from 1.2kg through to 4.5kg. It has a 5 radial ball bearing gimble which creates a very smooth movement and the stabilizer is easy to set up and control. It incorporates a fine trim system to get the camera centrally balanced and has a quick release camera plate so you can quickly become stabilized and ready to shoot. 


The HDMC Hague HD Motion Cam Stabilizer has been specifically designed for HD camcorders and DSLR's within the weight range from 1.2kg to 4.5kg.

The Hague HDMC is a smooth moving camera stabilizing system which takes the bounce out of shots when you are moving with the camera and allows you to create those true floating type shots. The 5 radial ball bearing gimble ensures super smooth camera movement and, unlike some stabilizers, has fine trim on both axes making it quick and simple to level off the camera once balanced.

Other features include a quick release camera plate, so the camera can be quickly moved from stabilizer to a tripod. A selection of counterbalance weights are supplied for balancing the different weights of camera.

Suitable for cameras between 1.2kg-4.5kg.

Designed and manufactured by Hague Camera Supports | Nottingham | England